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Teawynn Shampoo : Having tried numerous shampoos for my dry , itchy scalp, I thought what do I have to loose?  When my package arrived I opened the bottle and smelled a wonderful aroma.  One shampoo has convinced me that this product will end my dry, itchy scalp problems.  Thanks for developing this product.  Now, how about a light conditioner?  

I received teawynn shampoo as a sample with my order of black soap. I liked the ingredients, especially since there is no SLS or propylene glycol. I have very curly hair and an oily scalp, so shampoos are always hit or miss for me, but this shampoo left my hair clean without drying it out.

The Teawynn Shampoo was gentle on my natural tresses. Bye bye dry scalp. Thanks for making such a wonderful (and affordable) product!
Thank you for making such great products for us to use! I "heart" the black soap and shea butter. Again, thank you!

This was my second time purchasing the Teawynn Shampoo by Nasabb. I will always love it and be a regular customer. My hair is so dry, and this shampoo reverses it immediately into soft shiny COILS. Yes I have tightly coiled African descent hair...aka nappy. EVERY person with my type of hair should try this, and you will be hooked

I love your products. I'm getting married in June and am thrilled to splurge on other items to soften my skin all over. I've only ordered the Unrefined Shea Butter, and recently went through skin cancer treatment for 30 days.The shea butter was a lifesaver.It helped with everything from pain, discomfort and itching.I used the whole 8oz tub!Looking forward to receiving my next order of nasabb's !Have a great day!

I'm emailing to let you know that my package arrived yesterday I'm happy to say. Thank you. I am so happy with the shea butter, it is absolutely beautiful. I have used it on my face and hair and it is just wonderful. Regardless, I can tell you now that I am already a big fan and will be purchasing a lot more of this stuff! Thanks also for the samples you threw in for me, that's great.

I have been ordering shea butter and black soap from Nasabb for 6 or 7 years and it's the best. Shea butter is the only thing that seems to help with my dandruff. Being that I have really thick hair, grease just makes it feel weighted down and even heavier. Shea butter leaves my hair soft, and doesn't leave my hair oily or heavy. 

Before I purchased your shea butter and black soap I did my research online. (your site was very informative) I was sold after the testimonials from people across the world! My skin is in love with the black soap and the shea butter! I receive compliments daily about my skin. Now I have to order some for the whole fam because I refuse to share! Great product! p.s. I used the black soap on my hair (natural newbie) and it worked great. My hair was super soft!

Love the smells of Nasabb products, especially the shampoos and soaps ! Wow ! so sweet ! Keep up the good stuff Nasabb !! :)

I recently purchased your Shea Butter & African Black soap & I am very happy with my purchase & I love the standard of quality you have maintained as a company over the years & not only with your products, but with your customer service as well. Please keep up the good work - I wish there were more online companies like yours out there when it comes to the quality of service provided.

Just received my unrefined shea butter today. That was the fastest shipping ever! Less that 2 full days. I am even more amazed by your product. The creamiest and smoothest shea butter I have ever seen. I will never order those hard brick chunks again. 

I absolutely love the shea butter and black soap. They work wonders on my skin.I was also very pleased with the super fast delivery. Didn't think my fiance would try an natural looking bar of soap but guess what, he did and likes it just as much as i do. Needless to say I'll be increasing my order. Guess that's what I get for leaving it in his sight! Thanks Nasabb. You've got a new customer for life.

I just ordered your samples of black soap,shea butter,shea moisture and honey oatmeal soap. Your products are awesome!

I just want to say thank you nasabb for quality products! I LOVE MY SHEA BUTTER! You can tell from the texture and smell that it is good stuff the black soap has reduced my acne almost completely! And the hair oil is fab!

I have been using your products for almost a year. I love the shea butter and the black soap. I'm slowly getting into other products. My niece, BB, introduced me to your products, so she included my order, along with my other two sisters. I am hooked. It would be nice to have gift cards. Thank you for Nasabb.

I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. The natural products have left me speechless. Never have I had products that ascend in quality like these. The results quickly speak and show for themselves. I would love to see new additions to your collection such as carrot and ginger soaps, peppermint, jojoba and neem shampoos, scrubs made of spices like cinnamon, brown sugar etc. Continue doing what you do.

Greetings to the NASABB Family... Hope YOU ALL had a great summer ... I am down to my last little bit of Shea Butter ... OMG!!! I live so much better with NASABB Shea Butter!!! Looking forward to trying out the Coco Aloe Vera Bar Soap!!! Take good care!!! 
Your black soap is amazing! I'm Asian-American with terrible skin, and your product has helped me look fresher and brighter. Thank you so much establishing this business and helping so many people with problem skin look and feel better!

l love your products. I have tried so!!!!!!!!!!!! many others and none compare to yours. I talked about your products so much to my co-workers and family that they tell me I should be an ambassador for your company. I am so happy to be part of the Nasabb family.

I am SOOOO very excited to try the shampoo and massage oils! Thanks for having this half off sale! You all are WONDERFUL, with EXCELLENT QUALITY in all the products you make! Thank-you!

THANK YOU!!! Please don't laugh..and yes this is a real comment...YOUR PRODUCTS HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!! My sister has this huge "Angela Davis" type of fro. I always admired it and wondered how does her hair stay soo healthy and shiny and manageable. One day she gave me a sample of your product. Mind you, the sample was even less than your samples that you give out! Once I used my little "dot" of black soap and shea butter I knew that this is something that I MUST ORDER FOR MYSELF. I LOVE IT. Now I have EVERYONE HOOKED ON THIS. Products from the store....ARE ALL OUT THE WINDOW!! Plus, when you add all those "products"'re better off ordering online with NASABB next day air! Thank you so much. Please don't ever CHANGE.

The Black soap is fresh! The lather is rich! I just can't get over how awesome this soap is!! It simply enhances how luminous I feel already. I used the honey oatmeal soap to wash my hair and it was refreshing!! I will continue to support you guys ;-)

Hello, I LOVE the shea butter, the moisturizer, and the honey oatmeal soap!! I applied today for a wholesales account so that I can seel them on the site we are building and I wondered if it is acceptable to you if I repackage the products (basically private label)? I would of course bear all costs of the repackaging myself. Thank you for your consideration--I am amazed by the shea butter's effect on my notoriously rough and dry skin! Thank you!! Kind regards,

 This is my 3rd time buying NASABB products. I have to say I am absolutely blown away with their products. I have extreme dry skin and when I use the shea butter, it feels like I never had dry skin in my life! NASABB please keep up the good work. I already have 4 of my relatives buying ur products and I planning to expand the circle.

To The Nasabb Family:
I just wanted to send my Greetings! I truly enjoy and LOVE YOUR products! I wish YOU ALL the best and continued success in these challenging economic times ... I am a customer for LIFE!!! Peace&Blessings! 

Honey Oatmeal Soap 

I LOVE this bar soap, SOOOO GENTLE to my body and face. Lathers well, cleanses my face and body well, without No residue. I highly recommend this bar soap for sensitive skin like mine. I DEFINITELY would repurchase !!!!!

This soap is creamy, hydrating and makes your skin feel clean.  I am looking forward to the dry winter of Wisconsin so that I can really notice the benefits of this soap.  Try it- you won't be disappointed.

I tried this soap and let me tell you it is just wonderful and it smells so good. Is there any way you can make this into a shower gel hint hint. Thank you Nasabb you have a customer for life.
The honey oatmeal soap, is very rich in lather, and not a dry feel lather, but a rich and slippery lather that will work great with your wash cloth/brush. The smell is great, and the pieces of oatmeal grains in the soap, works well at exfoliating dead cells on the skin's surface. All in all its a beautiful soap with bounties of nutritious skin benefits.

I'm  Caucasian!!  I have soft, healthy, curls and I heat-style/straighten daily.  I always deep condition my hair with your shea butter,  but tried this Kelechi Hair Oil for the first time today - WOW -  It's much lighter in texture than I expected; like grapeseed almost and very light scent. I put about 1 tsp. in my short towel dried hair (for hot oil treatment)  and while heating my hair, it  DRIED;  WITH OIL ON IT !  And WOW is it SOFT and shiny!!  After ONE use...I'm back to buy the BIG bottle.   
I love kelechi hair oil. It smells great and it makes your hair soft. It also makes a great Hot Oil treatment.
I love this product.(Kelechi hair oil) My hair has never looked and felt better. My stylist also said that my ends looked really healthy, which has been a problem spot for me. 
I am impressed. Kelechi hair oil  The best hair oil there is out there.  It doesn't make my hair itch and it conditions the hair perfectly. Everyone should try these products bc they make the best for hair!

I stopped relaxing my hair a couple of years ago but find it difficult to deal with my tangles. Unrefined shea butter gives me tangle-free, care-free, process-free, shiny manageable, feel good hair!  The stuff is amazing!

I have been using Nasabb's unrefined shea butter since January, and it has done wonders for my skin! I absolutely love this and my skin looks absolutely wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone and I will continue to purchase it.
I have been using Nasabb's shea butter and shea butter moisturizer for a couple months now and I have to say, I am very pleased.  I have my mom, kids, and boyfriend using it.  I also like the fact that the website is full of good information and encourages a person to try samples before making a decision to purchase.  It says that Nasabb is confident in their products and it makes me feel that they truly value their customers and want to make sure they're satisfied.  
I ordered these sample packs and passed them out to do different people and let me say they were very impressed with the products. All I keep hearing is where did u get this? How much? When are you ordering again? These sample products are amazing so I'm excited to try everything has to offer! Love you guys! I'll be forever a customer.... Mwah..

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